I have served 10 years in the Army as a Paratrooper and Combat Medic, i was trained as a Survival Instructor by Lofty Wiseman. I have been employed by Event Companies (KPEE/ ESP & Priory Events) as an instructor and medic. I have also independently run airsoft & paintball games & events as a manager but also private events where i have lead and taught Bushcraft/Survival courses for children including Scouts undertaking their Survival badge.

I also work alongside a colleague attending military & country shows where we sell equipment including Air rifles, Airsoft weapons & accessories, Bushcraft/Survival accessories plus much more.

I have compiled First Aid & Survival kits for serving soldiers, TA Cadets along with personal kits for students going overseas on Gap year trips to 3rd world countries.

Is to run adaptive courses & shops making up Bushcraft, Survival & First Aid kits to the customer (in both need and qualifications) – not having 1 type to do all. With all my training I am adaptive to the needs & situation, have fully trained and keen staff available. I would like to provide courses to train kids and adults for the best and safest way of living in the field, correcting any bad habits previously picked up. All equipment is to be fit for purpose, not just a cheap copy (especially with knives) whilst not over charging the customer, in order for continued support to upgrade as they become more competent but also to supply the best up to date kit available.
My aim is to supply bespoke medical & survival kits/equipment taking into consideration all my customer’s needs and training, the country they will be visiting, the activities they intend to undertake complying with the laws of that country.The kits will include sterile medical equipment for any qualified Doctor to use for my customer’s safety, along side advice on all aspects of the trip’s safety and security. We will also be offering Student Discount via the Student Union or Colleges.

On the Bushcraft & Survival side, I am looking to offer courses in the South East for all adults & children (including families) interested in the outdoors including how to live off the land for free, build a basic shelter & fire etc. I can provide the necessary tools for beginners with advice on the best but not necessarily the cheapest/expensive items on the market today whilst not lowering my standards in stock or training courses. Groups will be run to ensure safety but effective training as well as adequate staff to student ratio.