Bushcraft Courses

Kid’s Camp Craft Course

This is based at 8 years+. This is a practical event to keep the youngster’s attention focused and to enjoy.
It is a half day course which includes Shelter Building, Fire Building, Water Purification. Next course date Mon 27/10/14 start 10am.

Course Difficulty : Beginner

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Bushcraft Basics Course

This is based at 12 years+. This is a practical event with pamphlets to take home for practice as well as letting the student do their own research and advancement for the next course. it is a full day course lasting 8.5 hours with the students possibly cooking their own lunch. The course covers shelter building, fire building, water location & purification, food & cooking. Next course date 29/10/14 start 9am.

Course Difficulty : Easy

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Intermediate Bushcraft Course

This is based at 14 years+ and covers more advanced training,and can be a continuation of Course 2. It is a 36 hour course over a weekend or weekdays during the school holidays, with students supplying their own sleeping bag, (sleeping bags can be rented for a minimal charge). This course builds on the basic bushcraft skills taking the student to the next level of learning. All aditional equipment will be supplied but we are quite happy for students to bring any of their own equipment. Parential permission will be needed in order to cover the safe usage of the Bushcrafter’s knife either Locked or Fixed, Axe’s, Wire saws, Hand chain saws – we would also encourage and support Parental inclusion as support staff. Shelter location & building, Fire Building including tinder & wood selection, Water location & purification, Food gathering & cooking including skinning & prepartion of wild game, Living in camp, Field hygene & bodycare.

Course Difficulty : Intermediate

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More Course Coming Soon

Further kids course to be announced soon including the use of archery & cross bows to learn the art of hunting as well as air rifle shooting.

Discounts for Groups of 12 or more including Scouts/Brownies/T.A. Cadets & Corporate Events

Adult courses are still under construction and will available soon, please contact us for further details.