after the bushcraft show

well its been acouple of weeks since the bushcraft show and only just having a couple days break , the show was realy great fun but blooming busy and tiring as we opened at 09.00hrs and finaly closed around 21.00hrs fri,sat,sun,and didnt even start breaking down on mon until after 17.00hrs .
most evenings we were out the front of our tentage with my hobo cooker and donnas medieval cooker going cooking our evening meal sitting drinking mead handing the bottles round to customers chatting swapping stories and experiances.
my partner donna ,mate james and me realy enjoyed talking to likminded people and discusing kit and teciniqes and helping people decide on kit by giving practical experianced advice and alternitives.
we sold out completely the new military issue cooker and fire dragon fuel for it even chatting to michael of bearded clam youtube fame, who has now made a vid about the cooker and fire dragon fuel blocks and is on his blog [hope im using the right words as its all gobaldegook to me.]and im glad he was happy with the cooker and fuel,they are now up on the site just got to take a couple of pics to go on it unfortunatly the fuel blocks have gone up slightly so i have had to put the cooker up to £3.00 from £2.75 , cooker plus 3x fuel to £4.50 from £4.00 and 6x blocks to £3.00 from £2.75 so not to much but still an increase .
i hope if you were at the bushcraft show you enjoyed it as much as us and if you talked to us we helped you and sold you the kit you wanted or needed as the right price [yes i know the right price is free]and you walked away happy.
hope to see you next year DAVE of DAVES WILD LIVING.