christmas wishes

shelter 006 daves wild living ground shelter 1.jlpg daves wild living ground shelter 2.jpg daves wild living ground shelter 3.jpg daves wild living solar still.jpg shelter 008 daves wild living vapor still.jpg
hi and merry xmas sorry i havent put out a blog since oct but after the robin hood show the illnes i had at the begining of the year [glandular fever] came back , but after loads of tests it turns out that the glandular fever was a side effect of a ganetic illness which wasnt picked up untill i had a MRI , this is called ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS this means my spine is fusing its self , the base two have fused and a third is stating the reason it wasnt found before was i was fit and as there is no cure for this its just managment by staying fit and mobile , and as a para i was both it was thought as injurys for service but thats enought on to the future.
well the web site is up and running but still a work in progress i am not the best at computer stuff in fact untill now i avoided using them as i prefere being out in the woods , but i am adding more stock constantly and putting together kits , if you want anything special put toether to your spec just ask and if you want any info just call or email me i will be happy to help.
The pictures are from my display at haywards guns showing a ground shelter for use in open ground a solar still , vapor collector , a basic two man tent , and several cooking sets
i hope to start the shows again in march and look forward to seeing you and new people intressed in bushcraft to show off the new stuff out their and to just discuss bushcraft.