end of the show season,begining of a new episode of dwl.

hi everyone i hope i find you well , we have only one more show left [should have been two but due to circomstances i cannnot do wiltshire game] which is ardinly at the end of sept which is normaly a good show .
i have been to two trade shows [ots outdoors trade show & the tackle and shooting show ] and have seen lots of new bits of kit for next season and have also been given some to asses over the next few months and i will put up my views on these bits of kit , had a great talk with george head of sales for BCB and have some bits coming to test for them as well , he also stated that due to you lot buying so many i am the largest retailer of the fire dragon fuel and military cooker in the uk which is great but has also pushed me to get a workshop/showroom which hopfully will be up and running in 6-8 weeks [address to follow ] .
i was slighly enoyed that i couldnt attend the gathering , i was booked in but two weeks before the show date i was told they were over booked [i had even gone and got a new canvas tent ] which as you can imagine is enoying having spent out on additional stock and kit and booked additional staff, thats enough moaning .
well on to the future of DAVES WILD LIVING as i have stated i have got a new workshop/showroom coming soon rather than working from home which always enoyed my missis [ stock everywere and taking up the lounge doing the leather work ] , i have new kit from new small companys coming and have made several joint future ventures.
i have also in the pipeline several plots of woodland so will start running courses in the next few months [preferably sooner as i know i have a number of you waiting for local events] and am even looking at having a long weekend get together to look and evaluate some of the new bits and pieces.

so keep watching this website for whats happening i am trying to get this site linked to facebook sites to get the info out there , well have a good one and get on out there and live the wild life.

regards dave of DAVES WILD LIVING.