new begining

hi my friends hope all is well with you, well this last weekend was my last show at ardingly the south of england show ground and was no diffrent to the rest of the abismal year it poured down on saturday so no real sales as there was less than 2000 people through the gates [normaly 4500 +]but sunday was better but still under attended.
met lots of interested people several from scout groups who liked the idea of the fire dragon gell fuel as a backup to the larger cookers they use and one group wanting to semi reequip [all good ] and lots of individuals after kit.

i am just tying up a few details with the owners and should have some woods to run courses out of very shortly so watch this space.

right back to sorting out what will be my workshop/retail premises , hopefully no more than another week or two now i don’t have show to prep and attend .

well be good and get out and enjoy this autum out for walks or to camp with a nice fire going on a crisp evening , i am told by my missus that this is a special month to comune with mother nature and the thinning of the veil between realms of reality [doesn’t mean alot really to me but its a good excuse to be out in the woods drinking mead just dont tell donna or she will thump me HARD] .

DAVE of DAVES WILD LIVING signing off.